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🔮🔮Meeker's Internet trends and advertising yesterday and tomorrow.

Mary Meeker's annual Internet Trends was release so a small discussion there before a look back at ad
🔮🔮Meeker's Internet trends and advertising yesterday and tomorrow.
By Connected Paths (Riaz Kanani) • Issue #70 • View online
Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends was release so a small discussion there before a look back at advertising history and forward into the future.

Internet Trends 2018
Each year Mary Meeker sets out Kleiner Perkin’s view on trends on the Internet. It is usually required reading and to some extent that remains so even this year. It does seem to get longer every year and with it more difficult to understand the macro themes. So set aside a large chunk of time. Nonetheless its broad commentary means there is something for most people. Read the slides here.
Overall the trends are similar to last year, time spent on mobiles continues to grow even though smartphone growth is now flat. 
The negative commentary on spending time online has not dented it as that is also increasing.
There is also a lot of focus on China’s increasing influence online though it neglects to highlight how much of that power is really centered in China rather than globally.
Like all data visualisations, understanding the creator and what’s not there is just as important as what is presented. 
With so many transformational areas in technology even with so many slides it felt some were missed - though this perhaps reflects Kleiner Perkin’s own focus.
A bit of advertising history...
Select/all has an interesting write-up on the companies that built advertising online and their eventual exits to Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. For those interested in the early days of adtech it is well worth a read. Read it here.
...and now for some advertising future
It has been a week post-GDPR deadline and if you want to continue to access publisher websites, you have to accept the use of profiling and third party advertising networks. I am pretty sure that is not how GDPR was supposed to work so I expect some fallout there.
The other trend is increasing use of ad blockers - though again if you surf publisher websites at all, it is not too long before you end up whitelisting them all because you get blocked from reading their content.
NewCoShift has an interesting article looking at the thoughts of young adults studying at a school for advertising and public relations - half of whom used ad blockers. 
You can read the full article here. It basically suggests a desire for better creativity and better targeting (relevance). The former has been the case since forever, whilst the latter requires more tracking not less. 
I think the wider public does not care about either - though they appreciate good creativity - unless it gets in their way. So popups, audio on etc is a no no and at least Google’s “ad blocking” technology does stop this. 
Ads also shouldn’t be stupid - I bought X now you are selling me X. 
Finally ads cant feel like Big Brother - I just discussed Y now I see adverts for Y.
Obviously people’s red lines differ and it would be even better if we could give people both control and a choice around sharing information in return for accessing content or an alternative option (payment I suppose) rather than being forced to just accept it.
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