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⚔️🎆Google fights back, ➕Facebook still can't count but can now remove click bait 🐝 and ARM enters the brain. 🤖

With Google I/O this week, we look at some of the most disruptive things to come out of there includi
⚔️🎆Google fights back, ➕Facebook still can't count but can now remove click bait 🐝 and ARM enters the brain. 🤖
By Connected Paths (Riaz Kanani) • Issue #18 • View online
With Google I/O this week, we look at some of the most disruptive things to come out of there including trying to leap ahead of Amazon Alexa and new Android capabilities. We look at Facebook facing issues on all fronts right now and then a potential new battleground for artificial intelligence in the future - the brain. 

Google Home isn't cowering in the corner
Google I/O was last week with lots of announcements (see the important stuff here). Two big ones though. It is very clear they are not sitting on their laurels when it comes to Google Home. It will be able to recognise different voices so able to answer differently to different people, added voice calling and even, the obvious next leap, act proactively (though this will likely require an opt-in from the user at least in UK/Europe) giving you reminders, traffic warnings etc. 
This just takes things one step further and of course opens up another channel for marketers if done right (both Amazon and Google will likely place heavy restrictions to ensure this happens - hopefully). I suspect there is an audience of users who would like to know when the next sale is coming up or the next iPhone is announced. Not to be left out Amazon has now also announced proactive capabilities, though without the ability to recognise voices I’m not sure this works well.
Android ups its capabilities
The rumours are increasing around Apple launching an augmented reality enabled iPhone in Q4 this year, but it looks like Google is not hanging around. It announced Google Lens, which will allow cameras on Android phones to remove objects from view. Snap has also started doing the same inside its app though in its own Snap style of course. 
It will also be able to recognise objects through the camera lens and give you information about them. For example looking at a flower will tell you what type of flower it is, looking at a restaurant it will tell you information about it. 
So now the question is can Apple one-up Google and wow later this year?
Facebook still can't count
We’ve hit the big 10. Facebook have announced they have miscounted their video ads on mobile resulting in charging errors making it the tenth mistake since September. It affected a tiny proportion but it is a pretty basic error. When someone clicked to make the  video ad go full screen, Facebook counted it as a paid for click rather than just counting the clicks going through to the advertiser’s site. Oops (x10).
Facebook agreed to open itself up for independent review of its metrics back in February so potentially more errors are yet to be revealed.
Facebook fights link bait
Still on Facebook but looking at the newsfeed, the company is expanding its algorithms internationally to downgrade individual posts which are link bait. So far, it identifies two types - ones that withhold information in the headline and another that exaggerates the content. How this will affect the election coverage in the UK is as yet unknown though if the algorithms work we may have to proactively go to news sites to find out about it. 🤣 Alternatively, the politicians might change. 🐖✈️
I suspect if Buzzfeed was a public company we would be seeing some downward pressure on its valuation as a result of this. It is not quite the same as when Facebook stopped Zynga’s viral activities in its tracks previously but it is going to require change on their part.
ARM looking beyond mobile
ARM has announced its going to team up with some US researchers to develop a chip that can be implanted in your brain. It is focused on brain and spinal injury victims right now. Sound like science fiction? Well today it is as this kicks of a 10 year project but with Elon Musk setting up a startup focused on a brain link, there is plenty of activity starting to happen in this space.
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