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Expertise and Data geeks today.

Expertise and Data geeks today.
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A giant settles
Back in the early 90s, the Wall Street Journal was not something I ever read (or had access to) and yet somehow every now and then I’d get to read Walt Mossberg’s column on all things tech. Those were a different kind of heady days to now - everything required tinkering and editing to well.. just work. Now sadly, this giant of the tech publishing world is retiring and he has gone out with an article reflecting on both the past and the future. Read more here.
Hear ye, Hear ye!
Bat-men on the moon. In 1835, the New York Sun used a fake story to drive sales
Bat-men on the moon. In 1835, the New York Sun used a fake story to drive sales
Bat-men on the moon In 1835, the New York Sun used a fake story to drive sales
Bat-men on the moon In 1835, the New York Sun used a fake story to drive sales
Getting access to the best writers on a topic is much much easier today - finding them in the murky waters of the Internet is now the challenge. Who do you believe? Who should you listen to? 1843 magazine has an excellent look at the history of fake news. Read here.
What next for airbnb
I’m not fully bought into airbnb just yet. Even before recent experiences (where 48 hours before departure, the booking was cancelled), the risks always seemed to outweigh the benefits. Many many others say differently of course and competition is huge and growing fast. Expedia spent billions to play in this market when they bought Homeaway in 2015. The Economist looks at its future. Read here.
One for the data geeks
Remember the furore over Apple Maps back when it launched? A PR disaster for Apple with many many stories of journeys gone awry. They mostly fixed those problems but Justin O’Beirne has looked at how both Google and Apple Maps have evolved over the past year and it is very clear that either Apple is struggling with its technical debt or just not choosing to invest. Google on the other hand clearly has a long term plan in motion. The data (and more importantly the insight) in this article is astonishing. Find it here.
Deep Mind - the AI developed here in Cambridge before exiting to Google was back challenging the best Go players in China this week. It won 4-1 and is now retiring. 
It seems the state of human gameplay today is similar to that of the Brits and sports. We’re great at inventing them but just can’t win anything. More on the match itself here and on whats next for Deep Mind here.
Alongside the match, Demis Hassabis, founder of Deep Mind did an excellent in-depth interview with Desert Island Discs. Listen to it here.
Book corner
Book corner returns with not one but 23 books. Mark Zuckerberg has put together the list and why he thinks everyone should read them. So far I have read 2 (The Player of Games and Creativity Inc) and in the middle of reading a third on the list (The Three Body Problem). Read the full list here.
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