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R.AY@Tangled-Teepee-Tales - P.S. ... This isn't Fiction !!!

Tangled Teepee Tales🎪
R.AY@Tangled-Teepee-Tales - P.S. ... This isn't Fiction !!!
By rhoda anne young • Issue #1 • View online
I’ve been reviewing my statistics over the past view weeks to glean some enlightenment on what you readers are looking for. One minute your there. The next you’ve gone. I’m beginning to worry about you! Have you been abducted by aliens or sucked into some black hole?
My turbulent investigations revealed some confusion as to what is real and what is fiction.
Believe me, you are not the only one’s confused.
My life story reads like a horror conspiracy crossed with an outlandish comedy trope. I’ve not digested five percent of it yet. A lot of it still too painful and confusing to put into words.
I’m here to sort the wheat from the chaff. Taking charge of the gremlins with my first editorial news bulletin!
So without further a do … these are my most recent Non fiction articles. All inspired by my true spaghetti brained life!

And last on the list but first to be published - how could i nearly forget this potentially the lethal enactment by Mother Nature. (It certainly was not my favourite life experience)- the beast that kicked my writing brain back into gear -
There’s plenty more to come as I figured out which way is up!. If you care to follow my journey drop your email in the box.
Drop me a line if you have any questions, ill get back to you asap!
0X0 rhoda anne young / ray
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The Tangled Teepee in the Wild West Woods