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Remote-how Weekly Digest #25

Hello remote community, Happy remoting! For several parts of the world, this time of year can sometim
Remote-how Weekly Digest #25
By Iwo and Ola from Remote-how • Issue #25 • View online
Hello remote community,
Happy remoting! For several parts of the world, this time of year can sometimes bring with it cold weather, delays, and even illness. ❄👨‍⚕️ What does this mean for remote workers? Whether you work from home or travel often for work, self-care and safety are still important things to consider for a productive week.
In this week’s newsletter, we take a deeper look into remote health, remote security, and remote snow days.

🚨 But first, take a look at the 2019 Global Coworking Survey led by Deskmag! Deskmag is the only online magazine about coworking, its people, and spaces:
One great thing about being connected to a remote community is being connected to remote resources! Here we have a FREE LESSON for you on “How to Be a Successful Remote Worker: Productivity Habits” taught by Joshua Zerkel, Head of Global Community at Asana. Click below to watch the video and get the inside scoop! 👇
Aaaaaaand more exciting news: we are hosting our first Remote NetWORKing Meetup this week in Berlin, Germany ❤ with guest speakers Marcus Wermuth from Buffer and Danielle Reid from Toptal. Topics for the meetup will center around managing remote teams, flexibility with scrum method, and how to build long-lasting relationships with contractors - to just name a few.
Insights and key learnings from the meetup will be summarized in a electronc handbook. If you would like a copy of the handbook or a recording of the meetup email Wooten, our Community Manager at
And now, a quick check-in with Iwo and Ola in Vietnam! 🏝✈ Turn your snow day into a day at the beach! #remotepromises 👓#remotework 👩‍💻🏖
And as always, here are some articles on the latest remote work news 📕🎦🧐👀
REMOTE landscape
Hiring managers believe remote work will change the nature of work more than A.I. 👩‍💻🚨🙌
The Future of Remote Work Is Happening Now. Here's How to Make It Work for You |
REMOTE security and regulations
Learn from security successes and failures and keep the policy flexible. 🤸‍♀️👍
Employees Are Working From Home — Do You Know Where Your Remote Work Policy Is?
REMOTE weather conditions
Extreme weather that limits employee mobility? Not a factor! ❄✔
Extreme Weather Events Are The Perfect Time To Test Remote Work Options For Your Employees
REMOTE health and self-care
Taking care of yourself as a remote worker requires intentionality. 👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️
With the Advent of Remote Work, Is the ‘Sick Day’ Becoming Passé?
Self-care is very important and easy to overlook as a remote employee. Our Academy has an entire module dedicated to focusing on how to stay healthy and at your best as a remote worker! And with love in the air this Valentine’s Day we are offering a lovely discount! ❤
For our Valentine’s Special, use promo code - journey70 - to get enrolled at Remote-how Academy.
You’ll pay just $150 (real price: $599) for enrollment and then get 1 free seat for your other half. 💖 The code is valid just for 3 days.
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