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Relational Mission - We are #peopleofcourage [Issue #76]


Relational Mission

May 11 · Issue #76 · View online

Latest news from our family of churches - #weareRM

The adventure continues

Becoming #peopleofcourage
One of the ways we talk about our mission together is by saying we have a compass but no map. We know the general direction of travel, but can’t see all the hills, valleys, twists and turns along the way. 
For some of us, that is exciting and fits our personalities well. For others it can be scary, as we like to have a clearer plan of what is ahead before we step out. For all of us it takes courage - courage to follow God’s lead one step at a time, courage to go in his timing, not running ahead, courage to be ready, for whatever he asks of us at any time.
The COURAGE conference is just a couple of weeks away, and we’re looking forward to the opportunity to build one another up together and feel our courage rising as we focus once again on who God is and what he is calling us to. Mike and the team have also been hearing from God, and as you’ll know if you’ve watched the offering video, have some clear dreams and visions that they feel God is calling us to for the next phase of our adventure.
These are exciting times for our family, as we are growing together into #peopleofcourage.
#peopleofcourage stories | Clyde Thomas #peopleofcourage stories | Clyde Thomas
This week...
Relational Mission
Pray with us! Here's the latest entry to our prayer diary. Praying for Sweden, England and France #ENOUGH
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Roger Eaton
C’est parti pour la conférence « Ascension ⬆️ Multipliez-vous ! » #nouvellesfrontieresfrance @NewGroundToday et @RMchurches ensemble en mission !
Community Church tried an innovative approach to meeting for prayer last night. Great to see technology helping our family stay connected when they can’t be together physically:
Community Church
Join us tonight for our 1st conference call prayer at 8pm - 9pm. You can dial in from anywhere!
Dial: 033 3443 3443 Room Number: 42759958# PIN: 7825#
#10daysofprayer @chadwellchurch @basildonchurch @ockendonchurch
And Hope Faversham have produced short videos to help their members and other local churches pray for Faversham in the run up to Pentecost:
Hope Faversham
Starting tomorrow, from Thursday 10 May to Sunday 20 May, every morning at 7am - a short video to watch and share with ninety seconds of prayer fuel for the day. #thykingdomcome #prayingforfaversham
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How have you experienced life 'tasting' better because of Jesus' work in it? Share your story with us.
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Could you give £5/€5/$5 a month to Relational Mission?
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