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Relational Mission - Prayers of Courage [Issue #68]

Of cake and robots

Relational Mission

March 16 · Issue #68 · View online
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Of cake and robots

From the crayons of infants...
Is it worth the effort of bringing your kids to ENOUGH? Can God really use them to make a difference? This little ‘scribble’ suggests he can. 
'A robot'
'A robot'
It bears the caption ‘A robot’ and was sent to Pete & Michelle Foster and the other pioneers in the Czech Republic after they were prayed for at an ENOUGH prayer night last year.
‘Robot’ is one of the few English words originating from Czech, and it means ‘servant’. 
I’m sure he didn’t realise it, but of all the things little boys like to draw, 4-year-old Oliver had picked the one that meant something to the team, and encouraged them in their commitment to be God’s servants.
The next ENOUGH prayer night is next Friday, 23 March. God can use the youngest members of our family to be a huge encouragement. Do bring them along, or involve them at home, if at all possible. We’d love to see them.
Free cake!
Free cake when you sign up to Sent 2018
Free cake when you sign up to Sent 2018
Leaders, look away now. Students and 20s, this one’s for you.
One of these lovely, luscious mini cakes could be yours…but you’ll have to be quick. We’re giving away free cake - FREE CAKE - to the next 50 people who sign up to attend the SENT stream of the COURAGE conference.
Of course, we know you’re not really in it for the free cake - you’re in it for the fantastic worship, the excellent teaching, the extraordinary prayer, the chance to meet people from other churches - and other countries - across our family, the chance to be prayed for by our leaders, and the opportunity to spend a few days in the most awesome city in the world (I may be biased - Ed.).
It may take a step of courage for you to book something this far ahead, and we get that, but we need people like you to be people of courage. So go ahead, take the plunge, and book now.
(Did we mention there’s free cake?!)
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Andy Moyle
Come and bless Grace Church in Stockholm and run a 10km race too - free race and easyjet flights under £60 - 21-23rd Sept. Message me ;-) @RMchurches
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How has God been using you? Share your story with us.
How has God been using you? Share your story with us.
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