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Relational Mission - Pioneering in Europe [Issue #85]


Relational Mission

July 6 · Issue #85 · View online

Latest news from our family of churches - #weareRM

What is your part in the mission to Europe?

Seeds, plants and trees
As the UK took another step forward in its proposals to disentangle itself from Europe this week, we in RM are looking at how we can strengthen our connections across the continent. 
At COURAGE recently, Maurice Nightingale used an illustration of 50 plant pots, containing seeds, plants and trees (well, bigger plants!) to help us visualise the vision God has given us for pioneering in Europe. 
Click the image to watch the video on our website.
Click the image to watch the video on our website.
What part is God calling you to play? If you’re already doing it - well done! Keep going! If not, what could be your next steps?
One option is the ‘Called to Go’ weekend coming up in September. Check out the details on the events page of our website and see if it’s for you.
Called to 'Go' Weekend
Called to support?
Not all of us are asked to leave our homes and pioneer in another town or country. For some, our part in the plan might look smaller - though of course ‘obedience’ doesn’t come in different sizes - we are each called to be faithful to whatever God asks of us. It takes all of us playing our parts to make a vision a reality.
So what could your part be?
  • Giving? The COURAGE offering is open until the end of July if you want to financially support the vision, and of course you can sign up to be a regular, ‘grassroots giver’ any time.
  • Praying? Have you prayed for the pioneering situations we heard from at ENOUGH last week? You can find out about many of our other pioneering teams and their prayer needs on our Pioneer pages.
  • Visiting? It can be a huge encouragement to our pioneers to have a visit, however brief, from others of our family of churches. Check out Hanna-Maria Jacob’s story below then visit our Pioneer pages to learn how you could take a few days out of your schedule to encourage others this autumn.
A surprise visit
And of course, you can always be like Charis and give a year to a pioneering situation through ID…
This week...
We’ve been asking God for weekly baptisms across our family of churches - and he is answering:
Hope Wymondham
beautiful morning baptising Brian @HopeWymondham and celebrating with his whole family
Martyn Gibson
Following many discussion in our leadership around closing the gap between conviction, conversion and baptism we spoke into this today. Baptised 8 then 1 more later in the service following a conviction of heart #closethegap @vinemaidstone @RMchurches
Hafenkirche on Instagram
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Do you just need someone to be good, someone that will never let you down and never give up?
"Sometimes we sing something because we believe it, sometimes we sing it until we believe it, until we're sure" Steffany Gretzinger.
Edward Buria
A must share! Last evening during ENOUGH NIGHT we prayed for the apprehension or voluntary confession of criminals that murdered a wife of a dear Pastor. Just been informed just now that 4 have been arrested & one has surrendered himself to the police. Prayer Works!
Community Church
If you couldn't make it to the #ENOUGH prayer evening last Friday, sorry but you missed too much for us to fill you in. You can however catch the live link from Mike Betts here So you don't miss the next one put Friday 16th November in your diary now!
Erratum: Last week we told you that the early bird pricing for the GLO conference ended on 1 July. We were wrong - it ends on 31 July! So you’ve still got time to book a bargain ticket and beat all those lazy toads.
GLO Conference
How has God been using you? Share your story with us.
How has God been using you? Share your story with us.
Newfrontiers News
Trip to Tanzania | Newfrontiers
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Could you give £5/€5/$5 a month to Relational Mission?
Could you give £5/€5/$5 a month to Relational Mission?
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