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I realized why Twitter has value, minutes later realized NFTs have value

Jare's Hacks
Jare's Hacks
Hey guys
Here there’s a timeline here:
Crypto art is way easier than I thought. #NFT contracts are factories that mint tokens. NFT ones. Of course. Lol. #smartguys invented this shit.
lol they removed Trump. Anyways this is a big reveal cuz I’m a late comer here. I finally get it. Twitter has value.
Alright so after playing with @opensea‘s sample erc721 for a few minutes, I haven’t even changed any code - deployed in rinkeby about 30 mins ago, and my view on NFTs has changed from fad to 'unbelievably lucrative.’
It’s a factory.
Now listen to me paraphrase and realize more shit - like you want to hodl your NFTs.

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Jare's Hacks
Jare's Hacks

College dropout turned #entrepreneur, mental health advocate. Ehhh emails an' 'at.

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