A digest of innovation insights, powerful ideas and unforgettable "must" sees brought to you by your friends at refine+focus

A digest of innovation insights, powerful ideas and unforgettable "must" sees brought to you by your friends at refine+focus

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Virtual Curiouser & Curiouser: Insights from our July 2020 Innovation Showcase

Want to meet other innovative thinkers? Connect by attending an event. Our events calendar is packed with carefully curated events and resources to tickle your curiosity.


Turn Knowledge of Your Customer Into Business Success

Sustain growth. If you care about your customer and meet their needs, you won’t need to worry about the competition. Save resources. According to research by Vonage, an estimated $62 billion is lost by U.S. businesses each year following bad customer experien…


A Team & Empathy Building Exercise for You

Define the purpose of the virtual care packages. For us it was to connect with the recipient and build empathy.Create a match. Pair team members together to delight and surprise each other with thoughtful care packages.Build the package. No rules, just thirty…


How to Walk to Your ‘Why’ (if you can't run it)

The first step towards living your why is knowing what it is. Start with Simon Sinek’s TED Talk that’s garnered over 50 million views. He turns to neuroscience to help people understand their purpose and drive.Draw 5 pivotal moments from your life that exempl…


10X Your Curious Culture

At refine+focus we encourage our team to share any cool resources, articles, or webinars that peak their interest. It’s become a hub of knowledge, discussion, and exploration.


The Continuous Learner Journey

If you need a reason to believe the benefits of continuous learning, start with the fact that those who learn continuously succeed. Research has found that “continuous training gives 50% net higher sales per employee”. It’s also known to boost engagement and …


Get Unstuck When Complexity Strikes

When you encounter complexity in decision making, clarify why it’s complicated. By identifying the complexity, rather than feeling overwhelmed by its abstractions, it’s easier to manage. Once you’ve discovered the factors that create complexity, rank them. Sp…


Words That Matter

Watch James Baldwin refute Yale Professor Paul Weiss on the infamous question of “why focus so much on race?”. His striking answer not only illuminates a history of systemic segregation in the US, but also reminds us of how long these conversations have been …


The Influencer Influence

Brands are now spending less on marketing and advertising, and those working with influencers are moving towards long-term collaborations rather than one-off partnerships.



Use storytelling to connect your customers with your values. Dove, “the home of real beauty” is known for their ads and campaigns that are genuinely dedicated to inspiring confidence in women. Check out their latest campaign to support frontline healthcare wo…


Small but Mighty: Local Businesses Bringing us Together

The Neighborhood Aid Network is dedicated to creating local mutual aid networks. They help neighborhood digital platforms aggregate and standardize their processes, and they also provide training and support for their network of volunteers.


Brands that Connect: How to Earn Attention in Times of Crisis

Remain authentic by returning to your purpose. Mattel is rolling out new #ThankYouHeroes Fisher-Price special edition action figures as part of their mission to provide children with toys that they’ll love, reflect inclusive heroism, and salute the heroes of …


Back to School: Facing the Big Question on Our Minds

Here’s what happening around the world:In addition to hygiene measures, students in China are returning to school wearing homemade social-distancing hats.


Your Roadmap to Build Brand Trust during COVID-19

Maintaining brand trust during the pandemic is essential. A global study has found that for 81% of consumers, perceiving a brand as doing the right thing is a dealbreaker in their purchasing decisions. In fact, 1 in 3 consumers have already punished the brand…


The Way Through: The Gratitude ‘How-To’

It’s as simple as Stop Look Go. Check out monk and interfaith scholar David Steindl-Rast’s approach to gratitude in his TED Talk.


Curiosity in the Time of Corona

We've curated a *must-see* list of real-time events for you. Here you’ll find our favorite selection of virtual events and resources for the head & heart.


The Big Pivot

1. From sewing bow ties to making masks, New Orleans small business NOLA Beaux Ties, is pivoting to support health care providers responding to COVID-19.


Sunshine: Amazing Activities for Kids and Parents

1. Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems What do you get if you mix a New York Times best-selling author and illustrator, a world-renowned performing arts center, and a recommendation from Lin-Manuel Miranda? The answer: 20 straight minutes of daily, high quality cre…


A Focus on Sunshine

For those of you working from home, we’ve assembled these 9 great resources to bring joy to your day. Check them out, and let us know which you enjoyed most: 400+ Ivy League online courses for free — Which will you take this week?Visit 10 of the best virtual …


For the Curious - Our Autumn Update

Recently, we’ve worked with one of the world’s most successful mobility companies to define their customer experience and shape strategy. We’ve helped a Fortune 500 pharma company launch their influencer marketing program, and we’ve developed powerful brand s…