The Power of Vulnerability



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“Fortunately, numbers don’t have feelings.”
“No, but the mathematician, the statistician, does.”
— Louise Penny

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One of the biggest insights I learned in 2021 is the power of vulnerability. Vulnerability is the essence of connection, and connection is ultimately what makes life meaningful.
I have aha-moments and epiphanies that bloom as I learn, read, and grow that I find so interesting. I then think, “I need to share this.”
So, here I am, I write Molecules of Emotion to connect as I document my learnings and dive through the magnitude of what I don’t know.
Ratio of What I Know to What I Don't Know.
Ratio of What I Know to What I Don't Know.
“Vulnerability is uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure.” — Brené Brown
Three variables ring through my mind as I watch The Power of Vulnerability by Brené Brown. Uncertainty. Risk. Emotional exposure. There’s uncertainty in the outcome of relying in someone else, there’s risk for rejection, and there’s emotional exposure of who we are. That’s why there’s strength in vulnerability.
Here’s to exploring how to feel, connect, and inspire.
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