The Most Useless Question



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I think the worst question we’ve been asked is, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
When I was asked to ponder on that question, I came up with an answer, but as most people, it often changed. What I did know, however, and what remained constant, was who I wanted to be. I knew who I wanted to become, even though I didn’t know the what. 
This question frames our mind to attach who we are to what we do, neglecting our core values. And we would most benefit by building a life around who we want to be, and continue to align with our core values in the process and the decisions we make.
Personally, I believe that what will come to define my success is the growth and process between who I was and who I become. This is why I value and enjoy my failures—they make me just one step closer to who I want to become.
When we are aligned with our core values of who we want to be, we can figure out the “what” we can do or be to achieve that.
So, let’s reframe this question. Who do you want to be? How can you work towards being one step closer to that each day? 
See you next week,
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Reema AlYousef

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