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Sitting with Discomfort

What do you think of when you hear “sitting with discomfort?”
Life has been a mission recently. Here’s a recap of August-September:
  • Shifted some gears with our Nucleate Dojo programs. Big plans had to be put on pause, and we also made more space and priority for other goals.
  • Became fascinated with the science of storytelling.
  • Travelled to Boston and attended the Nucleate Summit. I loved meeting the community in-person. I feel privileged and grateful to have been able to visit Gingko and learn from some of the top tier research folks in biotech during my time there.
  • Excited to help build the Toronto biotech scene with Nucleate.
  • Moved out of an apartment that I originally planned to stay in for at least a year.
  • Started third year of university. Finally getting to experience the vibrance, fluidity, and community of almost everyone being on campus.
  • Started to dive into my interests between computational biology and neuroscience. I’m getting more gravitated towards exploring dry lab research.
Writing these down as bullet-pointed text almost make it seem like these events occurred in a static, linear fashion. But it more realistically looks like this:
In-between, there were moments of tension, overwhelm, fear, and anxiety. There were moments I felt powerless and weak. There were many tough, needed conversations. There were times I had to navigate through relational conflicts, disappointments, and unmet expectations. There were moments I had to shift gears with big plans. There were times I stuck to personal decisions that others around me didn’t agree with. And to say I feel disorientated is to say the least.
But I found myself thinking of these tough moments as a barrier to living my life and my productivity; a distraction.
I felt stuck, like I was being equally pulled by two opposing forces. Like many, I struggle with giving myself responsibility over things that I truly have no control over. I was dealing with being a human being, like everyone around me. And I thought that my being was a barrier to my productivity.
But as I enter my 20th year of life on Earth, I want to learn how to better sit with discomfort. This also means more creative expression—more writing, short films, and different forms of storytelling. I want to make more things that capture the nuance, complexity, and wholeheartedness of human emotion.
While I have an outlet for my intellectual curiosity, I want to nurture my creative expressions so that I can learn to sit with and tell the stories of my discomfort. I want to get more in touch with my creativity. I want to connect more.
There’s something fundamentally pure and authentic about telling and hearing stories. Human stories are so uniquely similar. While the stories themselves are different, the underlying core emotions open a gateway for connection.
With love,
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Reema AlYousef

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