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“Stories are just data with a soul” — Brené Brown 

From travelling solo for the first time to fostering spontaneous yet meaningful connections and getting exposure to some of the coolest biotech innovations, RATC has been a life-changing experience!
I’d like to thank Ginkgo Bioworks for sponsoring my ticket. I feel so grateful to have been able to attend and network with some of the coolest people in biotech, ranging from high-school students to Postdocs and CEOs. No matter where you came from or who you were, everyone there was so welcoming and open to share and learn. What a community!
Meeting Maria sitting next to me on the plane, who happened to also be going to RATC!
Meeting Maria sitting next to me on the plane, who happened to also be going to RATC!
On my flight from LA to Oakland, the person sitting next to me on the plane happened to also be going to the conference. It was such an ECSTATIC moment. We talked a lot about our interests and it felt really exciting to connect with someone who is just as ambitious and eager to learn. If you’re interested, Maria is doing really cool things in climate and food tech. She’s the co-founder of MikuyTec, which aims to extend food shell life with recombinant antimicrobial, antifungal and antioxidant peptides. How cool?!
I remember every person I had a conversation with during my time in Oakland. Some shared their stories, hopes and interests, and I’m still so blown away by the resilience and determination expressed in each person.
From bean-less coffee and hair tech to programmed cell models and glow in the dark plants (no kidding), walking through the conference felt like watching the future unfold right in the present moment.
Here’s an incredible animation depicting the potential of synthetic biology:
The Future of Synthetic Biology | RATC 🧬
The Future of Synthetic Biology | RATC 🧬
No written text could capture the awe, wonder, curiosity, excitement, and gratitude I felt during my time there. I’m so excited for each and every person stepping foot into the world of biotech. There are so many things we can and will do. Ranging from better treatments for women’s health, preventing chronic diseases like cancer, fighting climate change, better nutrition, longevity, and overall making the world a more sustainable and friendlier place to live in.
I couldn’t have asked for a better experience for my first ever conference!
Reema 🤍
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Reema AlYousef

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