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How to Fall Apart

Molecules of Emotion
Molecules of Emotion
How do you let go of your fears of falling apart and just fall apart?

Unsplash by Jackson Simmer
Unsplash by Jackson Simmer
The truth is, I’m falling apart. But my fears of fully allowing myself to feel and fall apart is stopping me from healing. And I think that this is a common fear. But sometimes not allowing yourself to fall apart is the barrier between who you were and who you are meant to be.
Do you ever have thoughts or subconscious beliefs such as,
  • “I can’t fall apart or else I’ll be alone”
  • “I have to keep myself together or I’ll be seen as weak”
  • “I won’t be able to pick the pieces up together once I fall apart”
Allow yourself to fall apart. Let the pieces get lost. Don’t be afraid to question destructive beliefs that have been imposed on you. You need to break the foundation of belief systems that currently do not serve you. You need to re-build the foundation of core values and belief systems so that you can finally thrive. It’s worth the risk to fall apart than continue to live in misery.
Here’s to exploring how to feel, connect, and inspire.
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Molecules of Emotion
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