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How the Wrong Medical Prescription Sparked an Epiphany

General update: This week is the last week of lectures for my second year. I’m gonna miss it and excited for more rest and time to work on things outside of school!
I’m learning more about myself and my core values as I interact with people. I used to find it hard to admit that I disagree with something, until I developed a framework for how to think about what it means to disagree with something.
Now whenever I feel frustrated about something, I write it down. I realized that frustration can signal that one of your core values were triggered. It made me feel less ashamed to feel frustrated about something.
Whenever you feel ashamed to find something infuriating, try to think of what it is you value behind that frustration.
But first, why is it important to dissect your core values behind your frustrations? When Maha Taibah came on my podcast, I learned from her that when we have a “good day,” it’s usually because what we’ve been exposed to throughout that day reinforced our core values. And I’ve been thinking about that ever since.
Knowing your core values gives you insight on the type of people you want to surround yourself with, how you want to implement your values in what you do, and how to make decisions. Overall, this will help you align yourself with who you want to become.
For example, the other day I was frustrated to hear that my mom was prescribed antibiotics without any official diagnosis or it even ruled out as a bacterial or secondary bacterial infection.
  • For background information: Antibiotics only work for infections caused by bacteria. Antibiotic misuse results in antibiotic resistance, which is when bacteria in the body develop the ability to protect themselves against antibiotics. Antibiotic resistance is already a growing public health concern.
A few days later it was confirmed to be viral infection. But beforehand, I felt ashamed to feel frustrated. I then reframed my mind to think about what it is I value behind that frustration: questioning and testing assumptions before acting on them.
Whenever you disagree with something, write it down. Disagreement can signal that one of your core values were triggered.
It changed my perspective on so many things and taught me more about who I am. It also made me feel less ashamed to disagree when others may not.
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