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Happy Mental Health Awareness Month!

Happy Mental Health Awareness Month! 🧠
Unsplash by Milad Fakurian
Unsplash by Milad Fakurian
General update: I’ve been getting involved with NucleateDojo and working on some exciting things with the DojoTalent and DojoBuilds program. On a personal note, I’ve been looking for new hobbies to incorporate into my routine. I’ve been playing soccer for many years but I’m also thinking to start tennis or dance.
In light of Mental Health Awareness, I want to share some tools that have helped me take better care of my mental health.
Stoic App: In the past few months I’ve been using the stoic app, which is a mental health tracking app. It has been a life-changing feat for me! It’s filled with journals prompts, breathing exercises, therapy session progress tracker, and meditations. I love that it suggests exercises personalized to how you feel. At the end of the day, I like to write my reflections while listening to some instrumental music (like what I’m doing now). Overall, it has helped me notice patterns and gauge what I need to work on.
Painting: Sometimes I just need to get messy and paint. There was a phase when all I wanted to do was paint birds. The colours are so calming and captivating. Overall, painting helps me get into a flow state which calms my anxiety-provoking thoughts.
Therapy: I’m glad that the stigma surrounding mental health and therapy is declining. However, it seems that there is still a notion that only those in crisis need to go to therapy. I’d like to argue that therapy also exists to help you process your emotions, trauma, and build the resilience and support system you need to prevent a crisis from happening to begin with. Therapy is also a preventative measure that can help you build the self-awareness and emotional intelligence to get you through your day-to-day life. I know cost and accessibility is an issue for many but if you can, don’t wait until a crisis hits. You are deserving of support. Don’t suffer in silence. It’s encouraged you reach out.
Exercise: I used to do a lot of cycling and running but recently have been getting into low-impact exercises like hot yoga. I realized that I like engaging in sports for high-impact exercises because it includes a lot of focus. Physical activity is similar to painting for me because it helps me get into a flow state and focus all my attention into the present.
Let me know what things you like to do to take care of your mental health, I’d love some ideas!
Reema 🤍
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