Molecules of Emotion

By Reema AlYousef

I write about my stories, insights, and reflections 🖊

I write about my stories, insights, and reflections 🖊

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What if?

Look, I've somehow managed to become a worry machine. I often worry myself to the point that I completely underestimate how much control I have. And when I'm done, I worry about the things that I might end up worrying about. Sound familiar?The thing is, my an…


Sitting with Discomfort

What do you think of when you hear "sitting with discomfort?"Life has been a mission recently. Here's a recap of August-September:Shifted some gears with our Nucleate Dojo programs. Big plans had to be put on pause, and we also made more space and priority fo…


Gratitude to Youth Leadership Camps Canada

I found out that my favourite camp, Youth Leadership Camps Canada (YLCC), is celebrating its 30th and last year. It continues to astonish me everytime I reflect on how my experiences at YLCC led me to who I am today.I've been pretty open about my insights on …


Reflection After Meditating For a Year

There’s this general narrative in the media and in society that we need to meditate so that we can quiet our mind and clear all our racing thoughts. And I think this narrative puts off a lot of people, including me. We’re overpromised and underserved.I went t…


How to Tell Better Stories

This summer I decided to enrol in a course so that I could complete a prerequisite for my program. Before that, I've never taken a course in the summer. I was nervous because not only was this course going to be fully taught asynchronously, but also that cour…


Befriending My Anger

For this week's newsletter, I'd like to share an excerpt from one of my journal brain-dumps. As someone who deals with post-traumatic stress, I battle with flashbacks that trigger a rush of anxiety and fear of possibly being put in the same position again. Bu…


Bad Advice I'm Glad I Didn't Follow

Advice I decided to throw (or partially) throw away:"Time will heal"I do not believe that time heals. Healing heals. I feel averse to statements such as, “Eventually you’ll get over it.” It is not only invaliding, but it can encourage and perpetuate the cycle…


There's strength in acceptance

General Update: I've been working on some exciting things with the team for the Nucleate Dojo DojoBuilds and DojoTalent programs. I've also just accepted my role to help out with communications and content for Ochre Bio which I'm also super excited for! I'm a…


I am Reema AlYousef

As a perfectionist and high-achiever, I spent too much time listening to my anxiety-provoking thoughts in an attempt to prevent any undesired outcome. I felt disappointed to realize that I wasn’t driven by my curiosity; I was driven by my anxiety. My wins the…


Race Against the Clock Reflection ⏳⚡️

From travelling solo for the first time to fostering spontaneous yet meaningful connections and getting exposure to some of the coolest biotech innovations, RATC has been a life-changing experience! I'd like to thank Ginkgo Bioworks for sponsoring my ticket. …


Happy Mental Health Awareness Month!

Happy Mental Health Awareness Month! 🧠


How to Fall Apart

The truth is, I'm falling apart. But my fears of fully allowing myself to feel and fall apart is stopping me from healing. And I think that this is a common fear. But sometimes not allowing yourself to fall apart is the barrier between who you were and who yo…


Slow down, you're doing fine

When was the last time you were able to sit still for 30 minutes? I can’t even do that. In a world where speed and output is valued and where being busy is seen as a badge of honour, strength lies in your ability to recognize when and choose to slow down.Our …


How the Wrong Medical Prescription Sparked an Epiphany

General update: This week is the last week of lectures for my second year. I'm gonna miss it and excited for more rest and time to work on things outside of school!I'm learning more about myself and my core values as I interact with people. I used to find it …


What My 10 Year Old Self Needed to Hear

I visited my elementary and middle school teachers today. Walking through the same corridors reminded me exactly of how I felt. There were so many preconceived notions that I had to break to get to where I currently am. Here's what I would tell my past self: …


An Insight on Empathy From a Morning Café Interaction

I'm really enjoying this. I'm currently sitting in a café on a Saturday morning, and I find that the ambient noise really complements my performance and productivity.When I first walked up to the counter, I was expecting the typical, "What can I get for you t…


The Power of Vulnerability

Welcome to my first newsletter!One of the biggest insights I learned in 2021 is the power of vulnerability. Vulnerability is the essence of connection, and connection is ultimately what makes life meaningful.I have aha-moments and epiphanies that bloom as I l…