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Lisa Edwards
Lisa Edwards
Welcome to my first newsletter! If you’ve been following my blog and Twitter feed you’ll know that I published my memoir, Cheat Play Live, in August this year to critical acclaim. It’s a story of sun, sea, sex, sobriety and spirituality that has surprised readers with its raw, and sometimes brutal, honesty. One reviewer said, “It’s everything Eat Pray Love should have been but wasn’t.” I’m going to take that as a win!

Cover and banner design by Clare Baggaley. Review by Hello! magazine!
Cover and banner design by Clare Baggaley. Review by Hello! magazine!
I have started work on the sequel, Dark Horses, which I hope to release next summer. More about that in newsletters to come.
To thank you for subscribing to my newsletter, I’m offering you some never-been-seen before stories: the men that got cut from the final draft of my book. When I was doing the final honing work on the book I had to leave a man or two on the cutting-room floor. I felt sad about leaving out some important moments in my life so now I get to release them into the world and you get to find out more about what it’s like to date young men as a fortysomething woman. I said I was honest!
You can download the book at the link below:
Cheat Play Live - the men who didn't make the final cut...
Design by Clare Baggaley
Design by Clare Baggaley
I’m currently working on a guide to living sober under my new brand Because You Can, which is a new iteration of my long-running BECAUSE I Can blog. I decided to turn the focus away from me and use my experiences to help you turn your life into a free and happy one.
The first Because You Can book is a guide to living without alcohol and it will be released on January 10, 2022, my three-year soberversary. It contains twelve steps towards a sober life you can achieve and maintain, my own sober diary from the early, most challenging days, and an extract from my memoir – all for just £1.99. It’s available for pre-order here:
Here’s a sneak preview of the cover:
Design: Clare Baggaley
Design: Clare Baggaley
I will also be making an appearance at the Sober Breakthrough conference organised by Simon Chapple on January 2 2022, mixing with all the authors and influencers who are leading the charge on the sober lifestyle today. More details here:
You can see my interview with Simon here, talking about my sober journey:
Thanks for reading my very first newsletter – there’ll be lots more news to come as we head into 2022…
I’ll leave you with my latest blog post - on menopause! Enjoy…
Stroppy Cow – Because You Can
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Lisa Edwards
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