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Lisa Edwards updates - Issue #3

Lisa Edwards
Lisa Edwards
Launch day for Because You Can!

Only £1.99 for the ebook and £4.99 for the paperback
Only £1.99 for the ebook and £4.99 for the paperback
If you’re sober curious and maybe trying out Dry January for the first time, read my twelve tips on giving up alcohol and maintaining a sober lifestyle in this new 80-page guide for only £1.99 (£4.99 for print edition).
You can order both ebook and paperback of Because You Can: one woman’s guide to living with alcohol here and read my personal diary from the early days of my sobriety. January 10 will mark my three-year soberversary and I can’t think of a better way of marking the occasion than to try and help other people who are thinking about giving up drinking.
I can honestly say that my life is immeasurably better since I stopped poisoning it with ethanol. Here’s my before and after shot to show the physical effect alcohol had on my face alone:
Me drinking in Turkey then sober in India - a whole different person
Me drinking in Turkey then sober in India - a whole different person
Podcast news!
I’ve also been interviewed by Brighton Book Club’s Anna Burtt for their latest podcast, talking about my memoir, Cheat Play Live. You can listen to it wherever you listen to your podcasts, or on Radio Reverb here.
Long-distance, age-gap relationships
I wrote a piece for the Metro on my own long-distance, age-gap relationship with Shubham, who plays a big part in the story of Cheat Play Live. You can read it here.
I have started the year the way I mean to on – with lots of writing, talking about writing and hopefully lots more reading too. I’ve found it hard to knuckle down to reading an actual book myself because my headspace has been taken up with my own books.
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Lisa Edwards
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