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Lisa Edwards
Lisa Edwards
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Dark Horses Ride is available in ebook and paperback
Dark Horses Ride is available in ebook and paperback
Dark Horses Ride is a story of midlife reinvention, of friendships, relationships and a working life all put to the test by the seismic effects of menopause. 
​​​​​​​But it is also a story of love and homecoming. It is about the healing power of walking and meditation, the therapeutic process of writing and one woman’s determination to redefine what success and happiness look like.
Living the dream isn’t all she hoped it would be when Lisa swaps a high-flying job in London for a freelance life as a writer, editor and yoga teacher by the sea in India. She struggles to control the tide of emotions that hit her as the red mists of menopause descend and she begins to question whether her new life – and her relationship with a much younger man – are all she hoped they would be.
When the pandemic hits, Lisa decides that the universe has made the decision for her and back in England, she falls for the charms of a man her own age. However, he is not who he appears to be. Neither are the friends she’d hoped would support her when she publishes her first book and releases her ‘dark horses’ for all the world to see. 
After travelling back to her homeland in Wales and reconnecting with ‘The Most Handsome Man in Goa’ in India, Lisa is forced to confront her dark horses alone when her health and hormones threaten to derail the happiness she’s learned to live for.
ORDER HERE and don’t forget to rate and review – it’s so important to authors.
Cheat Play Live is 99p/99c
Cheat Play Live by Lisa Edwards
Cheat Play Live by Lisa Edwards
If you haven’t read it already, download my first book at the same time as Dark Horses Ride for only 99p or 99c.
Thank you to everyone who supports my writing – the books wouldn’t be here without you.
Let me know what you think! *lurks in terror*
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Lisa Edwards
Lisa Edwards @BecauseYouCan50

Because You Can – one woman living a free and happy life. News about all my books - for children and adults - and my solo travel and hiking adventures.

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