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Your Reduxx Weekly Roundup Has Arrived!

Reduxx Weekly Roundup
Reduxx Weekly Roundup
A balding adult man helped an “LGBT Inclusive” football team take home a ladies junior tournament title in Ireland… and more.

Happy Sunday, Reduxx Readers!
As Monday creeps around the corner, we are back to keep you up-to-date with the need-to-read stories you might have missed.
Reduxx welcomed two new team members this past week: KV Lennard and Janet Douglas. Both of these incredible pro-woman advocates are going to be part of our expanding team as we continue to plan for more visual content in the very near future.
Have a subject you’d like to see our video team cover? Let us know!
Without further ado… on to the news!
Our Top Stories for August 1 - 7:
Irish "LGBTQ+ Inclusive" Football Team With Transgender Player Wins Women's Junior Final
Pride Amsterdam Ad Featuring Trans Model With Self-Harm Scars Sparks Outrage
Pole Dancing For Kids? Pennsylvania Pride Event Scene Sparks Outrage
Trans Serial Killer Being Housed in Women's Prison on Rikers Island
Catch-Up On Deep Dives and Exclusives...
Senior Woman Banned From Local Pool After Expressing Concern Over Male in Women's Washroom
EXCLUSIVE: Trans Killer with a 'Blood Fetish' Married Female Inmate While Incarcerated in a Women's Prison
Trans Activist Accused of Sexual Assault Offering Hormones to Youth
Woman Assaulted At Pride March For Saying Men Can't Be Lesbians
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Reduxx Weekly Roundup
Reduxx Weekly Roundup @reduxxmag

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