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Your Reduxx Weekly Roundup Has Arrived!

Reduxx Weekly Roundup
Reduxx Weekly Roundup
A memorial dedicated to infant victims of fatal child abuse was destroyed by trans activists in France, and other stories…

Happy Sunday, Reduxx Readers!
As Monday creeps around the corner, we are back to keep you up-to-date with all the stories you can covertly peak your co-workers with while your boss isn’t around.
Reduxx is excited to announce that on July 22 we will be hosting our first live interview via Twitter Spaces. Joining us will be Christina Ellingsen and Isabela Cêpa – two feminist activists in two different parts of the world who are both experiencing strikingly similar run-ins with the law over their defense of women’s sex-based rights.
Isabela, a Brazilian feminist, has been threatened with 25 years in prison for calling a trans-identified male politician a “man,” while Christina, the head of WDI Norway, is under police investigation for tweets she made in which she stated men could not be lesbians.
This is sure to be an educational and unique event, and we hope you’ll have the chance to listen in! Additional details are available below.
On to the news!
Our Top Stories for July 11 - 17:
World Health Organization: "Sex is Not Limited to Male or Female"
BRAZIL: Trans-Identified Male Assaults Teen Girls For Advocating for Single-Sex Bathrooms
Trans Sex Offender Loses Bid to Remove "Deadname" from Registry
"Twitter Hates Women": Feminist Suspended After Challenging Trans Activist
Reduxx is proud to announce our first-ever live Twitter Space intended to amplify the stories and struggles of two incredible feminist activists facing legal consequences for making factual statements.
We will be hosting a live interview and discussion with Isabela Cêpa and Christina Ellingsen, both of whom are facing potential jail time for standing in defense of women’s sex-based rights.
Read more about Isabela and Christina HERE.
Get Caught Up On Gripping Deep-Dives:
FRANCE: Trans Activists Destroy Feminist Mural to Infant Victims of Abusive Brain Trauma
Child Sex Abuse Dolls Are Being Made In The Likeness Of Real Children
Female Inmates Launch Lawsuit After Guard Sold Access To Their Cells To Men, Allowed Them To Be Raped
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Reduxx Weekly Roundup
Reduxx Weekly Roundup @reduxxmag

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