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Your Reduxx Weekly Roundup Has Arrived!

Reduxx Weekly Roundup
Reduxx Weekly Roundup
So much b#llshit, so little time…

Happy Sunday, Reduxx Readers!
As Monday creeps around the corner, we are back to keep you up-to-date with all the stories you can covertly peak your co-workers with while your boss isn’t around.
This week, we reported on a number of disturbing incidents, many of which involved the censure of feminists.
In Germany, a biologist at Humboldt University of Berlin had her lecture on evolution cancelled after trans activist complaints and threats led to the University feeling they could not safely support the event. Just a few hours away in Cologne, lesbians were assaulted at a pride march for holding signs with the definition of lesbian as a female homosexual.
In Mexico City, a congress on ending human trafficking was aggressively interrupted by a transgender politician when he became outraged at a feminist speaker’s suggestion that the sex trade should be abolished.
But there was some light in the darkness as British feminist Maya Forstater emerged victorious in her claim against her former employers for discriminating against her on the basis of her gender critical beliefs.
As always, we thank our readers and donors for their continued support! But without further ado…
On to the news!
Our Top Stories For July 4 - 10:
Mexico: Trans Politician Interrupted Anti-Trafficking Conference, Screamed "Sex Work Is Work"
German University Cancelled Biologist's Lecture After Complaints from Trans Activists
Lesbians Assaulted By Trans Activists at Dyke March in Cologne
Pro-Pedophilia Activists Marched for 'Equal Rights' At 2022 Cologne Pride
UK: Tribunal Rules Maya Forstater Was Discriminated Against Due To 'Gender Critical' Beliefs
UK Women's Charity Promoting Trans Author Who Wrote "Pedophile" Sex Guide for Children
UK: Trans-Identified Pedophile Jailed After Breaching Sexual Harm Prevention Order for Second Time
Watch Our Latest Video with Lavy Shwan!
Reduxx content creator @lavyshwan breaks down the disturbing history of Dr. John Money, the pro-pedophile sexologist who coined the term "gender identity."

Money once tested his theories on gender by subjecting two young boys to disturbing sexual experiments.
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Reduxx Weekly Roundup
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