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Reduxx Weekly Roundup
Reduxx Weekly Roundup
Two more female inmates have come forward to speak about the conditions within their institutions since male inmates have begun flooding in under self-identification laws.

Happy Sunday, Reduxx Readers!
As a new week creeps around the corner, we are back to get you caught up with the latest must-read stories on the issues you care about.
This past week, we published two exclusive interviews with female inmates currently incarcerated in two separate states – California and New Jersey. They have very bravely come forward to reveal for our readers how their lives have changed since self-identification laws were introduced, and the disturbing ways in which their concerns for their safety are being suppressed.
As always, the ever-growing Reduxx team is grateful for the continued support of our readers, donors, and those who have trusted us to be the platform for their story.
On to the news!
Read The Latest Exclusives:
"A Wave of Fear": Incarcerated Sexual Abuse Survivor Condemns Male Transfers to Women's Prison
Women Being 'Punished' For Complaining About Male Transfers: Inmate in California Women's Prison
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Dutch "Pro-Pedophilia" Activist Arrested in Mexico After Attempting to Purchase Child
'Trans Supremacist' Pedophile Behind Bars For Second Time on Child Sexual Abuse Material Possession
Adult Retailer Selling "Amber Heard" Themed Toy Based on Sexual Assault Testimony
Catch Up On Deep-Dives and Opinion:
"Queer" Academic Suggests Pedophilia Be Taught in Schools as an Innate Sexuality
GUEST ESSAY: Birth of a Baby, Death of a Mother: A 'Second Hand Victim' of Surrogacy Speaks Out
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Reduxx Weekly Roundup
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