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Reduxx Weekly Roundup
Reduxx Weekly Roundup
Some much-needed controversy for your peaceful long weekend.

Happy Sunday, Reduxx Readers!
Whether you celebrate Easter, Ramadan, Passover, or none of the above, we hope you’ve managed to enjoy this long weekend with friends and family.
Tomorrow, April 18, will mark Reduxx’s third full month since launch, and we wanted to take a moment to appreciate our readers for the continued support. While we are still in our baby stages, our platform has grown exponentially.
As of today, we have published 133 news and opinion pieces which have been read 500,000 times in 142 different countries. We have been cited by four different major news outlets, been translated into three languages (that we know of!), and broken more exclusive, never-before-seen stories than we could count before we had to get this newsletter out.
From the entire Reduxx team: Thank you.
On to the news!
Our Top Stories for April 11 - 17:
EXCLUSIVE: Florida Lawyer Seeking Information From "Gender Surgeon" Patients
Trans BDSM Fetishist Is Advising UK Hospitals to Ignore Single-Sex Wards Law
Two Female Inmates Pregnant By Transgender Inmates In New Jersey Women's Prison
Amazon Selling Horror Book About Killing "TERFs," Features JK Rowling "Death"
UK: Politician Who Campaigned for "Gender Neutral" Town Found Guilty of Child Sex Abuse - Reduxx
Catch Up on In-Depth Reports and Opinion:
Sadistic Killer with a "Blood Fetish" Transferred to NJ Women's Prison
Man Who Molested 4-Year-Old Girl and Was DENIED Gender Change Among Transfers to California Women's Prison
OPINION: How to Erase Male Violence, Lessons from Edna Mahan Women's Facility
Support Our Mission!
Reduxx is a pro-woman, pro-child safeguarding platform dedicated to bringing you high-quality news and commentary on the issues the mainstream media would rather you pretend don’t exist. We are 100% reader-funded!
If you’d like to support our continued growth, please consider making a donation in a way that’s convenient for you!
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Reduxx Weekly Roundup
Reduxx Weekly Roundup @reduxxmag

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