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MORNING SPIN is a daily newsletter from long-time Reds writers Matt Wilkes and Steve Mancuso, founders of Reds Content Plus. This year, RC+ writer Kyle Berger has joined the newsletter team. The newsletter is delivered to your email inbox each morning (Monday-Saturday). 

MORNING SPIN is for passionate Cincinnati Reds fans who want to stay up-to-date with the latest analysis of their team.

Content includes:

  • Analysis of the day's Reds news, including roster moves
  • Detailed breakdown of the important points of the previous day's game
  • Scouting Report on the opponent's starting pitcher for that day

Matt and Steve analyze the good, the bad and the in-between about the Reds. They'll look at the hitting, pitching, defense and manager strategy, using advanced up-to-date data. 

MORNING SPIN costs $5 per month, which works out to about 20 cents a day. Cancel any time. It will run through the end of the Reds 2022 season. We don't run ads or pop-up videos that clutter up your experience. 

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