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In today’s MORNING SPIN:
  • Our Offseason Plans
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Our Offseason Plans
If you received this email, it means you subscribe to MORNING SPIN, our daily Reds newsletter. As we near the end of the Reds season, we wanted to let you in on our plans for the offseason and the 2022 season. We also would love your feedback.
Before we do any of that, we want to express our heartfelt thanks and gratitude. When we came up with the idea of writing a Reds newsletter, we had no idea how many people would join. As it turns out, thanks to people like you, the response significantly exceeded our expectations. We deeply appreciate your support of our writing.
Regarding the offseason, the Reds face important and difficult roster decisions, including arbitration offers, contract options and possible extensions. We expect the club will be active in the trade and free agent markets.
We will continue to publish MORNING SPIN during the offseason, but it won’t be every day and it may not always be at 8 AM. When news about the Reds breaks, we’ll let you know what’s going on, analyze it and tell you what we think.
MORNING SPIN will be free to you during the offseason, at least until spring training starts in February and we get back to daily publishing. We’ve paused the subscription service, so you shouldn’t receive invoices until the spring. We’ll let you know when that time approaches.
We’re in the planning stage for 2022, brainstorming ways to improve MORNING SPIN.
One feature we want to add is a space for subscribers to comment and discuss the Reds. Our hope is to find a way to do it that works within the newsletter’s platform.
Your feedback about the newsletter is important to us.
What did you think of our coverage of the 2021 season? Do you have suggestions for 2022? Were there sections of the newsletter – news analysis, game recaps, opponent previews/scouting reports, stat of the day – that you particularly liked and others you didn’t read as much? Is there Reds content you see other places that you would like us to add?
Let us know in our survey here! It takes just a couple of minutes, if that, to complete.
A few of you have asked how to support us with end-of-season donations. Just click here. It takes about 30 seconds.
One last thing, if you enjoyed and found value in MORNING SPIN, we’d love it if you could convince a friend or two who are fellow Reds fans to subscribe and give us a look while the issues are free.
Again, thanks for your support and we look forward to hearing from you.
Matt and Steve
MORNING SPIN is a daily newsletter (Monday-Saturday) written by Matt Wilkes and Steve Mancuso. We are co-owners of and writers at Reds Content Plus.
Stats Glossary
Need a quick refresher on what a certain stat means? You can find definitions here at our glossary at Reds Content Plus. If you run across a stat in MORNING SPIN that we don’t have there, please let us know by email at redscontentplus at gmail.
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