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Thank You for an incredible 2018!

It’s time for us to wrap up 2018 and look ahead to what’s coming in 2019. The product and company mat
Thank You for an incredible 2018!
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It’s time for us to wrap up 2018 and look ahead to what’s coming in 2019. The product and company matured a lot last year and we expect even bigger leap in 2019!
This is also a great opportunity to say huge thanks 🙏 to our community and customers! Redash wouldn’t be where it is today you and we are hugely grateful.
It’s been an exciting five years, starting as an Open Source project and then bootstrapping an Open Source company. We’re super excited about what’s ahead. 🤩

Last month we released Redash v6. If you’re running our Open Source product, you should upgrade! And of course if you’re using the hosted platform you’re already running the latest and greatest.
Coming up in the next Release
We have some really nice improvements coming up in the next release:
New UI for Adding Widgets to Dashboards
The new version lets you choose the scope of parameters on a dashboard: static, widget, or dashboard-level. No more hunting down all the queries to make sure you ticked “Global” for a given parameter.
New Scheduler Options
This feature was a joint effort between Marina Samuel from Mozilla’s Data Tools team and the Redash team.✌️\Execute Highlighted Query Text
And something many of you will probably appreciate:
This is just a taste of what’s coming up, there is more in the pipeline. 😎
Status Page Updates
For our hosted platform users, we now show the amount of waiting queries in the adhoc and scheduled queries queue on the Status Page.
As always, we’re always happy to hear your feedback, and especially how you use Redash. You’re welcome to reply to this email or share on our forum.
Happy Querying 🤓
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