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Progress, not Peacocking: The Unmasking of the Anti-Democratic, Socialist Left

Progress, not Peacocking: Reclaim The Fight
Progress, not Peacocking: The Unmasking of the Anti-Democratic, Socialist Left
By Spandan at Reclaim the Fight • Issue #6 • View online
As I write this newsletter, it is becoming clear that in the UK’s local elections, the Labour Party - which, despite Jeremy Corbyn no longer being its leader, has failed to escape from its far-left, extremist elements - is in for a rout. Less than a year and a half after the Corbyn’s embarrassing defeat in Britain’s national elections, this is reason for deep soul searching for the British left.
But there was another election in another part of the world last week, and it showed the path forward against the global ethno-religious supremacist right: the local elections in India.
Today’s newsletter is about fighting the rising global right by moderating the democracy coalition.

"Justice Democrats" Founder Says the Destructive Part Out Loud
Leftists are supposed to be “actively hostile” to the Democratic Party even if they think the Democratic party is doing progressive things they want. That’s the message from the founder of the “Justice Democrats,” a group with the mission to, in effect, stage a coup against the Democratic party. Kyle Kulinski, a JD founder and a popular leftist podcast host, was irate at Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez - whom the left sees as their property - for daring to credit President Biden for governing as a progressive.
Actively Hostile: The Socialist Left’s Mask Is Coming Off, and It Ain’t Pretty
Unity First: Local Elections in India Chart a Course to Fight the Far Right
While the far left in the west is doing its best to create maximum fracture within the coalition to defeat ethnocentrism, nationalism, and white supremacy, people on the other side of the world are mapping a path of unity to keep the far right at bay.
Over April, four states in India held elections for their state legislatures. Polls had indicated that the Hindu nationalist party of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in a strong position to take over power in what would have been the last frontier and bastion of secularism: the Indian state of West Bengal. But the results have Modi’s party going down in an embarrassing defeat.
How did they do it? In order to fight Hindu supremacy, they put unity first, and put aside the ideological bickering common in a multiparty democracy, and coalesced behind the only other party - a center-left party that had previously routed Bengal’s Communist party from power - with the ability to put together a governing majority.
It’s time to choose. The American left can either choose the British path and surrender the future to the far right. Or it can choose the Bengal path, and excise its own extreme elements to succeed in the fight against the tide of right wing extremism. So far, the Democratic party has made the right choices, broadly speaking. But that choice needs to be made every day, over and over, until both political extremes are once again relegated to the fringes.
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