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Progress, not Peacocking: Kamala Harris is NOT Empress of the Senate

Progress, not Peacocking: Reclaim The Fight
Progress, not Peacocking: Kamala Harris is NOT Empress of the Senate
By Spandan at Reclaim the Fight • Issue #1 • View online
Happy Women’s History Month!
I know that some of you have subscribed to our list for a while, and haven’t heard from me on a regular basis by email. I’m sorry. Let’s fix that!
Today, Reclaim the Fight is introducing our newsletter, with the goals to give you the tools to take on disinformation, back up President Biden and Vice President Harris, and fight for progress, not peacocking.

In the first issue, let’s bust the alt-left’s - and the media’s - myth about the Senate rules that nixed a $15 minimum wage from the COVID reconciliation package. The far left has claimed that the Vice President should simply ignore the rules as applied by the Parliamentarian and declare that the minimum wage provision can be included in the Budget reconciliation, and the media has, to its immense discredit, failed to fact-check this myth.
So, it falls to us.
Here are a couple of pieces of myth-busting reading.
It is not "within the rules" for the VP to ignore the rules of the Senate
We need to do away with the misconception that it is “within the rules” for the Vice President, in her role as the President of the Senate to “overrule” the parliamentarian, and that the parliamentarian, an ‘unelected official’ should not decide what the rules are. Of course she should. The only way to ensure that the rules are applied fairly, impartially, and evenhandedly is to have them applied by someone who doesn’t have a political interest in the outcome.
Ignoring the parliamentarian anyway could sink the entire COVID package, and grind the Senate to a halt.
And beside for it being outside the powers of the Vice President to unilaterally skirt the rules of the Senate, as I explained in a piece prior to the parliamentarian’s ruling, such unilateral action would open a kind of pandora’s box no one should want.
That is all for today. More to come soon.
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