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Progress, not Peacocking: The Unmasking of the Anti-Democratic, Socialist Left

Leftists are supposed to be "actively hostile" to the Democratic Party even if they think the Democratic party is doing progressive things they want. That's the message from the founder of the "Justice Democrats," a group with the mission to, in effect, stage…


Progress, not Peacocking: Bernie Sanders, White Grievance, Boogeyman Politics, and The Radically Unserious Vision of The Fundamentalist Left

No one wants to take responsibility for the catastrophic demise of the unionization drive at an Amazon warehouse in Alabama, but one thing is certain: this failure is not an orphan. One thing factors prominently: the consequential mistake of nationalizing the…


Infrastructure Week and The Brocialist Cycle: Progress, Not Peacocking

Republican members of Congress may be the only people in America who cringe at the idea of giant multinational corporations having to pay their fair share in taxes. The GOP has been winning elections on the backs of scaring people by telling them that Democra…


Progress, not Peacocking: Credit Where Credit is Due (and None is Due to Donald Trump)

We're not talking just about the embarrassing trickle that vaccine distribution was before Joe Biden and Kamala Harris took over. It should not quickly fade from our memory that by pressuring the FDA and drugmakers link the vaccine development timeline with N…


Progress, not Peacocking: The Establishment is Kicking Ass

We start with a warning. Some corners of the Peacock Progressive echo chamber - some with rather powerful and well-funded microphones - are trying to convince some leftwing members of Congress to sink the entire $1.9 trillion package that includes direct paym…


Progress, not Peacocking: Kamala Harris is NOT Empress of the Senate

In the first issue, let's bust the alt-left's - and the media's - myth about the Senate rules that nixed a $15 minimum wage from the COVID reconciliation package. The far left has claimed that the Vice President should simply ignore the rules as applied by th…