True Tales of the Silver Fox 🦊

The best stories illuminate a path within ourselves.

'Your writing pulls people toward empathy and understanding, and it's a joy to read'

'Thanks for another good sized group of eloquently, organized, mind-filling words.' 

A little FAQ: 

  • Why should I give you money? Creating a community of members is the type of socially engaged writing worthy of your time, and will remain ad-free.
  • What do members get? My gratitude and the chance to feature your work or something of meaning in one of my issues.
  • Is your writing for men or women? Oui. My identity is firmly rooted in being a woman of a certain age, but there is plenty of writing by women, for women. I'm interested in speaking with clarity and humor to readers who want to bridge the divide, peek inside another existence. It's the only experience I can speak to with surety.

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