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Twice a month, I publish a newsletter that explores good thinking and thoughtful answers to life’s persistent challenges. The ideas are useful and actionable.

A little FAQ: 

  • Why should I give you money? If this newsletter helps you create a better, more engaged life for yourself that's worth paying for.
  • What do members get? My gratitude and one members-only edition.
  • What is a good life? A good life is a comprehensive endeavor. It’s the slow business of understanding the systems we live in and how they affect us. It’s learning about ourselves, our parents, and our children. It’s welcoming change and diminishing our egos. It’s accepting loss, exploring our world and creating change. It’s forgiveness, bravery, and figuring out how to get out of our own way. It’s grief. It’s love. It’s learning when to stay put and when to leave. Sometimes, it’s just taking a walk.

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