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Your very best advice to me💡

I asked for your specific advice and oh boy, did I get it. I didn't have room for all the responses (

not another diet

August 21 · Issue #109 · View online
a sane and thoughtful guide to permanent weight loss

I asked for your specific advice and oh boy, did I get it. I didn’t have room for all the responses (they were all great), but here are a few that stood out.
Good advice for gaining perspective:
“Get out of your head – you are never as fat, ugly, or messed up as you think other people think you are. Imagine how you see other people – are you really as judgemental of them as you are of yourself?”
“Don’t bring your standards down, just change the room. There is always a better room, I promise.”
Always be unapologetically curious. Never feel shameful for wanting to understand something. Ask questions. Gain multiple points of views. Don’t be agreeable for the sake of not looking dumb. 
I love this one for its clarity. These days self-care seems to always involve buying something. A walk or homemade meal can fit the bill.
“Nurture yourself in a loving, caring way, not in an indulgent way.”
For the ladies, some very practical and valuable advice.
“I work in oncology. My advice: Get your pap smears when you should. Cervical cancer is really rare, but if you get it, you will likely die from it if it’s not caught EARLY. It’s a nasty cancer. But, it is entirely treatable with good preventative care.”
My mother was Lebanese so this one spoke directly to me:
Embrace your culture. It’s what makes you interesting! Devour all the home cooked meals and share with friends instead of cowering in embarrassment because it looks and smells funny. (I can’t tell you how often I wish my mom would just pack me a pb&j). 🤦🏻‍♀️ Also, no, you don’t want to change your name to Ashley or Tiffany to fit in.
Last, but not least, my personal favorite 🍑🍆:
“Have more sex! That self righteous chastity belt is a product of your Catholic guilt. You’re not going to hell if you do it and you don’t get into a special place in heaven cause you don’t. Your libido is a gift. Use it because you will lose it.”
Thanks to everyone who submitted, this was a fun little project. Be sure to peruse the links below, lots of good stuff in there (make that Glory Bowl dressing stat).

extra credit 🤓
Gretchen Rubin on Secrets to Living a Happy Life
A New Planner Won’t Change Your Life
your good life 🌟
The first piece is one of mine. I like talking about subjects that make everyone squirm. Failure is always that.
The second is full of great advice.
Notes On Failure - The Startup Notes On Failure - The Startup
On Getting Rejected a Lot (and Liking It)
debunked 🤥
We've Reached Peak Wellness. Most of It Is Nonsense.
“Sugar is sneaky! Have you been duped by any of the above? " “Sugar is sneaky! Have you been duped by any of the above? "
what I'm cooking 👩🏻‍🍳
I make the dressing from Glory Bowl all the time. It keeps beautifully and tastes great on all sorts of bowls. The tofu scramble is also a winner. Add 🥑 for a perfect meal.
Glory Bowl | Whitewater Cooks
When It Comes to a Breakfast Scramble, Tofu Is Better Than Eggs
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