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Why Do I Write?! ✒️ My Gif to You 🎁

Being a writer is one part hermit and two parts beggar (would you please, please read my newest piece

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August 8 · Issue #12 · View online
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Being a writer is one part hermit and two parts beggar (would you please, please read my newest piece?). No wonder it’s such glamorous and well paid work. 
On occasion, I ask myself why I write.
I do it for the joy. It’s immersive, and rewards the seasoned human. I love words, the way they can light you up when they are strung together just right. They are my teachers and companions.
It’s the happiest work I’ve ever done. I need no prodding to sit down and write every day. It’s my outlet for absolute honesty. I can fool the world in myriad ways but I cannot lie to the page. 
Good writing is a window into another person’s private world, something needed more than ever in modern life. Our contact with others so rarely offers this kind of intimacy.
I write to mine the deepest parts of myself. What is true? What is important? How am I ridiculous (my favorite)? I want my readers to think, ‘is this woman having a breakdown of some kind?’ 
I kid 😬 
Most of all I write because I need to. I have a lifetime of experiences to make orderly. Writing is a tool that allows us to connect the dots and make sense of our lives. 
It’s my secret wish to make writing my life’s work. I am terrified about this, and for good reason. So few get to make a living from their work. And yet, it won’t leave me alone. I walk, think, write, take dance breaks (yep) and feels intense joy in the whole process. For now, this digest. Baby steps. 
I am looking into creating a Patreon page where you can help support my work. Loosely, the idea would be patrons would have access to more content, input on subjects and more. Free subscribers would get a limited version of the digest, or on a limited basis.
My intent when I started this was to create my own audience. One that isn’t subject to the whims of social media and feels as personal as my writing. It is turning into that and much more. I’ll be sharing my camper travels (NM or 💥), personal evolution (does it ever end?), culture critiques, humor, interviews and more. 
Unvarnished and illuminating, always.
Thank you for reading, writing back to me and sending it to friends. This experience has been unexpectedly rewarding. I am excited to see where it goes.
PS. Below are some stellar pieces about the subject of writing, you’ll want to bookmark these. The writing advice as sex tips is 👌🏿

New feature: My Gif To You 😘
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Salut my peeps!
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