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❌ Why diets don't work


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December 4 · Issue #120 · View online

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Once you’re on the other side it becomes so clear.
As I’ve said before, I’m never tempted by diets, even when the scale nudges up a bit. I know with absolute certainty dieting isn’t how lasting weight loss happens.
What diets complicate: eating healthfully.
What’s not complicated: eating healthfully and joyful movement.
What is complicated: navigating a world that can’t stop trying to feed you, socializing, personal relationships, our need to fit in, anxiety, the choices we make with our time, how we speak to our selves, setting boundaries, managing aches and pains as we get more active, managing sedentary bodies, knowing what information to tune out, what we think we have to do to be active versus reality, using the right tools to stay on-track, building useful habits, learning sound science and how to apply it to your own life, and focusing on process over outcome (to get a good outcome).
No wonder diets create these narrow constructs (no dairy! no legumes! no carbs!). Products sold to the masses they can’t possibly adress all these issues (but, I will). Instead, they create a system with such narrow guidelines that IF you stick to it, you will lose weight.
However, you will stop the diet. You will go back to your life. You will regain the weight because nothing about your life or how you handle it is different. As the weight returns, you feel like a failure. Worse still, you are doing metabolic damage with each of these cycles.
It all feels confusing, and a little hopeless. It saps your confidence and sets you up for another round of dieting or extreme exercise.
One of the best things I did when I embarked on my own process was to tune out every single diet ad, book, or news article. It’s what I’ll be asking the participants of my upcoming weight loss course to do, and I recommend it for you.
Proper self-care requires space and time. It’s a peaceful place that allows you to build good things that nurture you and support your health.
It’s how I’ve lived for the last decade. It’s how I’ve maintained my weight through illness, stress, and getting older. It works and it’s what I’ll be teaching.

Sneak Peeeeeeeeeek
I’ve been hard at work on getting my website ready and I’m so close. This project is monumental, but I’m loving the work. I’ve been thinking about and quantifying my process for a long time. This is the next, natural step.
Why diets don’t work.
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