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Why a trainer or nutritionist isn't step one for weight loss 🤔


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December 18 · Issue #123 · View online

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Don’t worry, I’m not advocating anti-expertise nonsense. It’s more a matter of bringing in help sequentially and as-needed.
There’s an excellent reason why going directly to either for weight loss probably won’t work: their focus is narrow to their professions and therefore, their advice will be as well.
In simple terms: when you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Or, the information can be stellar, but there is little congruity to your actual life and therefore, like all the good information you’ve read before, it doesn’t stick.
I learned this 12 years ago when I hired a nice and knowledgeable personal trainer as part of my own efforts to lose weight. I faithfully showed up for all six of my sessions to ‘work out’. The problem was that I didn’t particularly enjoy the gym, and more importantly, I hadn’t figure out what joyful movement meant to me or how I might make that a practice.
No surprise, I didn’t go back.
Years later, when my fitness had naturally evolved into something I needed help with, I turned back to expertise. A trainer helped me work out some areas of weakness so I could conquer the hills with ease. I’ve gotten help with foot pain, and fascia work as well.
That good information keeps me going, but it’s no substitute for building a structure that supports a healthy weight.
You might notice that ‘nutritionist’ and ‘trainer’ are another way of focusing on food and exercise to the exclusion of the other factors in your life that contribute to weight gain (even if their advice is solid and science-based). The programming by diet culture runs deep.
Here’s the thing, once I’d completed my 50 lb weight loss I was struck by how eating and movement were much less complicated than I’d imagined. It was my thinking, boundaries, self-talk, time-allocation, principles for food choices, and so much more that were the keys to my success (10 years and counting!).
I invite you to check out my program. I’ve built something truly different, comprehensive, and smart.
If you’re sick of experiencing weight anxiety and all the mental space this issue takes up in your life and psyche, this is an effective and durable way forward.
Yours in optimism and good health,

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