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After a long month where I fretted endlessly for a speaking engagement and a standup gig, I'm ready f

not another diet

April 2 · Issue #97 · View online
a sane and thoughtful guide to permanent weight loss

After a long month where I fretted endlessly for a speaking engagement and a standup gig, I’m ready for a little R&R. Both went swimmingly, although there is very little that’s harder than standup. It’s good practice to do scary things, but now I’m ready to claim my prize, five days in Denver!
I’ll be doing exactly what you might think while in Colorado, all the while exploring what the city has to offer. I love an urban vacation for the long walks, bike rides, good meals, art, and who knows?
As far as my weight, I don’t worry too much about vacations. Mine tend to be active, and I generally come back 2-3 pounds lighter. Some strategies I employ to keep things in check:
  • Pack some healthy snacks for travel days. No airport food.
  • Bring lots of clothing for walks, hikes, swimming and bike rides.
  • Less Uber, more walking and public transportation.
  • Don’t eat a bunch of nonsense just because you are on vacation. Ditto on the drinking.
  • Schedule plenty of activities that have nothing to do with consumption.
Hit reply and send me your Denver suggestions 🙏 Beautiful hotels, parks, neighborhoods, must-try meals? I’m all in.

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