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Time and space are the best gifts 🎁


weight loss for life

December 25 · Issue #124 · View online

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A friend asked me, what was the best gift was I’ve given myself?
The answer was easy.
Time and space to calmly and peacefully attend to myself.
We, humans, are experts at filling up our bellies, eyeballs, homes, and time with unending distractions. The result is feeling disconnected from ourselves.
Yet, life’s thorny issues (like weight) need time and space for meaningful progress. I discovered this at the start of my own weight loss journey. I was newly separated from my husband and simultaneously relieved of the responsibilities of running a home. I turned off my subscription to TV and moved into a condo. I got rid of the junk still in boxes or anything I wasn’t actively using.
In one go, I quieted my life substantially. It was initially uncomfortable but quickly turned into one of the most productive and joyful times of my life. I started having real conversations with myself and had the space to observe my thinking without judgment.
The result was achieving a healthy weight for the first time in my adult life without deprivation or harsh workouts.
It felt like freedom of the best kind.
I knew without a doubt I wanted to help others find that same success. It took a few years (10!) to realize that dream, but it’s here.
not another diet! is shipping January 1, 2021.
I’m stunned to announce the program is already half-full for January.
If you find yourself at home and otherwise healthy during these Covid times, might I suggest using this time and space to make meaningful progress on your healthy weight?
I’ve linked to a thorough faq on the program below. Please poke around, read the yeah, buts and then book a call to discuss how I can help you lose the weight (while honoring yourself).
Yours in optimism and good health,
Your questions answered - not another diet! Your questions answered - not another diet!
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