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This is not a Black Friday pitch ⌚️


weight loss for life

November 27 · Issue #119 · View online

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Fitness isn’t a product to buy, it’s something you cultivate.
Once you’ve decided you need to move more, it can be tempting to look around at all the snazzy products that make that possibility easier/more fun/transformative.
The problem is that most of what fuels these purchases is magical thinking. I could be this person if I had that thing. This device/membership/app will make me want to do what I have not done.
Not likely.
And, there’s a real downside to buying things that gather dust or hit your bank account without benefit: you begin to think of yourself as a quitter, someone who doesn’t like exercise.
You are neither.
What you are is a person who needs to figure out movement. If nothing was available for purchase and you wanted to move your body, what would you do?
Go do that. Do it again.
And then, if you begin to need gear along the way to keep growing, it’s time to buy.
PS. Check out my video on Insta for a full breakdown of when it’s a good idea to make a buy.

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I’m not cooking anything this week. I’ll be doubling down on bike rides, though.
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