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The Photo That Changed One Woman's Perspective On Eating

I got the idea one day to take photos of what I was eating and post them to a facebook group I was ru

not another diet

February 11 · Issue #120 · View online
a sane and thoughtful guide to permanent weight loss

I got the idea one day to take photos of what I was eating and post them to a facebook group I was running for Not Another Diet. The idea was simple, I wanted to show what I actually ate, and the smaller size of my everyday plates.
For my friend Jan (and NAD reader), the photo was transformative. She texted it to me out of the blue, saying:
This may seems too simple to believe but this image you posted a year ago changed so much of the way I think about food. So simple.
I was genuinely surprised and asked her to explain why.
I guess I always felt like losing weight was about finding the Magic Recipes. I’ve owned so many cookbooks. Hello Whole 30! Hello Mediterranean Diet!
It’s true. Part of what makes a diet appealing enough to buy is actually why people fail so often. It’s a system outside of your own life, likes, and dislikes.
What this said to me was that I could put four things in a bowl that I liked and were also healthy. I could mix it together with hummus and make it delicious.
Healthy eating isn’t complicated. What’s complicated is our actual lives, and how the diet industrial complex asks us to think about food and movement.
One approach requires the buying of things and big plans to make a fix. The other allows for contemplation and peace as you add a beneficial practice to your life (even something as simple as taking a walk).
I suggest the path of peacefulness, mindfulness, pleasure, and movement you like.
It works, I promise.

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eat real food, not too much
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