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The Incredible Usefulness of Alain de Botton 💡

My mother introduced me to Alain de Botton some fifteen years ago with the wonderful book, the Consol

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My mother introduced me to Alain de Botton some fifteen years ago with the wonderful book, the Consolations of Philosophy. She wasn’t in the habit of sending me things to read; that has been more my Dad’s thing. I was surprised she’d thought to give it to me, and tucked into it with great curiosity. 
The book ignited a spark in my consciousness and turned me into an immediate fan of his work. I’ve gone on to read several other titles (Status Anxiety, The Course of Love, How To Think More About Sex, How Proust Can Change Your Life). Each one elevating my thinking and helping me climb the ladder of self-awareness (I have many more rungs to go).
Alain De Botton is a writer, public intellectual and modern philosopher. I’ve found his clear-eyed, compassionate reasoning indispensable for sorting through my own humanity.
The highest praise of his work I can offer is that De Botton shows us how to continue parenting ourselves (adulthood being a moving target). 
The business of knowing oneself is never done. 
On procrastination:
On finding the ‘right’ partner:
How Romanticism Ruined Love:
The true value of friendship:
Defining love:
You Will Marry The Wrong Person:
These are but a few samples of De Botton’s invaluable work. I encourage you to explore, and hope they bring you the same clarity.

Some of my favorite School of Life Videos 👇🏼
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The Importance Of Affectionate Teasing - YouTube
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