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Swap brownies for impulse buys, does that still sound like coping?


weight loss for life

February 26 · Issue #133 · View online

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Have you heard?
There’s a pandemic and it’s stressful and if you have to eat your way through then do it because you do you, boo.
I’m seeing this message all over the place and it’s making me a bit nuts.
Think of it this way, if you heard that someone was spending money on impulse purchases would you advise them not to worry about the resulting credit card bills?
Now a global survey conducted earlier this year confirms what Mr. Loy and many others experienced firsthand: The coronavirus pandemic and resulting lockdowns led to dramatic changes in health behaviors, prompting people around the world to cut back on physical activity and eat more junk foods. It drove anxiety levels higher and disrupted sleep. And those who are obese, who already face increased health risks, may have fared the worst, the researchers found.
Weight gain causes distress and leads people right to harmful diets.
That’s not a small matter. I’ve spoken with so many people through the not another diet program who feel burdened by a lifetime of gaining and losing and gaining more. The injury to self-worth and lack of peace is very real.
We need a new narrative about how to deal with stress, one that aligns with our well-being (mental and physical).
How about?
  • take a walk (long or short)
  • stretch
  • call a friend
  • go back to therapy
  • make a nourishing meal
  • go to a park
  • clean a room in your house (with a podcast or music on)
  • sit with and acknowledge the pain
Above all, let’s quit perpetuating the idea there aren’t consequences to stress eating and drinking.
The pandemic has caused real loneliness and stress. It’s also revealed how incredibly important it is to address your mental and physical health.
Understanding how to manage your weight, take care of yourself emotionally, and carry those practices for the rest of your life are vital skills.
That’s what we teach.

what I'm working on
I’m building a short-course called:
how to setup and use your healthy weight kitchen
Your kitchen is a powerful tool in achieving and keeping a healthy weight, not to mention a source of pleasure and joy. This video is one part of the course. It’s my take on making a delicious salad.
How to make a salad you’ll want to eat.
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Mark Bittman is right, what to eat isn't complicated. WHY you aren't doing it, is.
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what I'm cooking 🥒
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