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Self-care is creating calm in the body 🌱


weight loss for life

January 15 · Issue #128 · View online

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I’m well into teaching my first group of ‘not another diet’ members, and it’s a fascinating experience. It’s of course, incredibly rewarding to be of genuine help to people as they work on changing their lives and thinking.
Another benefit is the thinking teaching sparks. It’s a real feedback loop. I have to work hard to connect things that seem unrelated but are critical to achieving and keeping a healthy weight.
One is the widely misunderstood idea of self-care.
It’s been sold to us as an indulgence, something to buy, a treat outside the confines of your obligations. I strongly disagree.
Self-care is the daily work to keep your emotional and physical equilibrium.
It’s all the practices that support your physical and emotional health.
It’s a loving conversation with yourself about what you might need on this day.
The purpose of self-care is to create calm in the body.
Why do you need to be calm?
  • So that you can think clearly to make good decisions.
  • You can self-soothe in ways that nourish your spirit instead of overeating.
  • You can live peacefully.
  • Your body can trust its care and let go of the weight.
I teach this and more in my life-changing, weight loss for life program.
The ‘Yeah, but… Objection Section’. The ‘Yeah, but… Objection Section’.
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