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Putting your food into an app is thwarting lasting weight loss, here's why:


weight loss for life

March 12 · Issue #134 · View online

a companion newsletter to the nad program

It’s called technology alienation. But, first:
I have so much news about not another diet 😻
1) We are transitioning to cohorts. The next one begins on March 22.
My first group is finished with the 9-week program and it’s been a hell of a ride. We laughed, we cried, we all learned a ton.
“Yes. This is not just “another diet”. It is the opposite of that. It gets underneath the “diet” to look at what is real, what is happening in you. It gives you more than just tools, which I find limiting. It gives you purpose and a reason and a playbook for change. THANK YOU!!!”— Kate K.
I learned that people learn better together, and delivering this program by cohort is 💯the right call to make the lessons and outcome sticky.
I ran into a neighbor who I haven’t seen in a few months. She mentioned how terrific I looked and she said, “it’s not just that you’ve lost weight, it’s the whole way you’re moving in your body.” Reestablishing a movement practice and realigning my relationship with food has improved every aspect of my life. I feel it, and apparently it shows. — Christi D.
2) I’ve also reconfigured tiers for the program, created a payment plan, and a premium option for those who still want a high-touch experience.
You can find everything you need to know right HERE.
Pricing, options, everything. If you still want to book a face-to-face call with me before signing up, there’s a link for that as well.
I know this, my program is one of a kind and it works. Just today, one of my ‘graduates’ said:
If you are ready to tackle this issue in a real and lasting way, I’d like to help you. If you’re ready to shed the physical and spiritual heaviness from the pandemic, here’s a path.
Change is possible, I’m living proof.

👋 from Rebecca
technology alienation = weight loss apps
I came across this fascinating piece in the Growth Equation (also a terrific newsletter) about the concept of technology alienation. It’s the idea that certain technologies stop us from tuning into ourselves.
I was immediately electrified. YES!
I’m no Luddite, but key elements of my approach require listening to and understanding yourself which I teach in a systematic way.
I never liked putting my food into an app in the first place, but this helped me articulate why: it supplants your ability to understand your hunger. Your hunger isn’t broken. It may be out of wack from years of overconsumption and processed foods, but it isn’t broken.
What’s needed is to learn how to treat your body so that hunger cues are authentic and you know how to respond. Putting food into an app only delays that work.
Plus, it’s dreary.
not another diet - weight loss for life not another diet - weight loss for life
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