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weight loss for life

November 6 · Issue #116 · View online

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Yes, things are stressful, but let’s not make it worse.
We are now in the season of excess. For many of us that means eating too much, staying up too late, and skipping the rituals we need to keep ourselves in good order.
Take the candy and stuff into a trash can away from the house (you know why), and while you are out, go for a walk. I’ve begun saying five things I’m grateful for first thing in the morning and last thing at night. I swear it’s improved the quality of my sleep.
You might feel like trying to lose weight over the holidays is just too impractical. Fair enough, but here’s an idea: don’t gain it either.
Twelve years ago I started my weight loss journey just like that. I’d gained weight nearly every year through my 30’s and decided if I couldn’t lose weight (I could, I just hadn’t yet built my system), then maybe I could focus on not gaining. It turned out to be a great starting point, and allowed me the peace I needed to go forward and tackle the excess weight in earnest.
Redefine success through the end of the year as simply not gaining.
The next four weeks I’m going to send a weekly holiday survival guide with tips for keeping the scale even.
Practical ideas for both your body and mind. The goal is equilibrium.
Take a breath, stretch, and tell me the clever ways you cope with excess.

in other news... 😃
I’m doing it!
I’m building a program to launch in January 2021 to teach my system of weight loss AND maintenance. I’ve hired a professional course builder to help me design it, and it’s going to be 🔥 🔥🔥
This is incredibly exciting for me and something I’m ready to pour myself into. The next two months are about building something actually useful.
If you’ve ever failed at a diet and feel confused about what’s gone wrong, I’m making this just for you.
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