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New Year, New You!?

Well, no. And, that's just fine. Renewal is very seductive. Who doesn't want to wipe the slate clea

not another diet

December 31 · Issue #119 · View online
a sane and thoughtful guide to permanent weight loss

Well, no.
And, that’s just fine.
Renewal is very seductive. Who doesn’t want to wipe the slate clean and start fresh? Leave all the parts of ourselves behind that trip us up before the finish line.
It’s more fun to look forward to a glimmering horizon where our best self resides. That self that isn’t too tired for a workout, never procrastinates, and always chooses the salad for lunch.
The problem is, that’s all just fiction.
Who you are and your actual life are the starting points for any new endeavor, no matter what plan is being slickly pitched.
That’s why self-acceptance is the real starting point.
Then, the work can begin. Small steps with surety and self-compassion that add up to real progress over time.
So, here’s my wish for you going into 2020: may you cultivate real love for yourself and resist charlatans’ remedies. Their interests are not yours.

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