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My best tips for a healthy Thanksgiving 🦃


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November 13 · Issue #117 · View online

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I love Thanksgiving. It’s about food, friends, and family, and nothing else. I suspect lots of people feel this way which is why it’s so egregious to see Christmas displays before we’ve even had a chance to celebrate.
My biggest tip: make a realistic plan and honor yourself by seeing it through.
Any holiday revolving around food is tricky for weight gain (which typically begins around this time of year). Here is how I navigate turkey day plus the day after to keep the scale from climbing and still have a wonderful time.
  • Half the sides should be veggie and lean protein focused (I included one of my tried and true recipes below).
  • One glass of wine with the meal is plenty. I sometimes have half a glass before and half with.
  • Limit dessert to a single one. It’s not necessary to have multiples and only encourages piling the plate with extra calories.
  • Plan an after dinner walk or a pre-dinner hike in the woods.
  • Each plate is half-veggies/salad, one quarter carbs (mac and cheese, let’s be honest), and one quarter turkey. Keep those proportions if you go back for seconds.
  • Send leftover dessert home with someone else. If you want a slice for breakfast, fine, but the rest lives elsewhere.
  • Plan a long bike ride, hike, urban walk, favorite workout for the next day. Even better, make that plan with a friend so you can’t get out of it and are mindful of not drinking too much.
If COVID has altered your plans this year, I understand. Being careful not to spread disease is the healthiest thing you can do 😷

next week's topic
Why goal weights are destructive.
I did a little video on Instagram that got a big response, so next week I’ll do a deeper dive into why goal weights run counter to sustainable weight loss.
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