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It's Time To Let Go Of Being Busy 🥺

Principle 5 is up, and it's about how artificial busyness creates a barrier to self-care. But, it fee

not another diet

February 2 · Issue #89 · View online
a sane and thoughtful guide to permanent weight loss

Principle 5 is up, and it’s about how artificial busyness creates a barrier to self-care.
But, it feels so good to be busy. We are productive, valuable, wanted, needed and useful! Or, just disconnected from what matters.
I’ve come to see ‘busy’ as a catch-all, existential defense rather than a great way to conduct a life.
Getting busy happens in the sneakiest of ways. We get all kinds of messages about what an adult life is supposed to look like. Much of it is wrong and in the service of societal expectations, not ourselves.
I know this principle is going to be less popular than eat fresh food and take a walk, but it’s no less important.
So, what can you let go for your greater good?

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Not Another Diet — Principle 5 Not Another Diet — Principle 5
Extra Credit 🤓
Perfect is the enemy of the good. I fully admit to messy struggles all the way around.
Getting Ahead By Being Inefficient Getting Ahead By Being Inefficient
I'm trying... Class Pass for February.
ClassPass | The Best Fitness Studios, Classes and Experiences
Diets Debunked 🤥
Gluten must be the subject with the most pseudo-science around it. It’s almost become part of the collective consciousness that we should ALL be avoiding gluten. There is no credible science to back up this assertion.
It matters if we are basing our diets on misinformation. There are serious problems with the modern diet, it has yet to be shown this is one.
For the Love of God, Stop Avoiding Gluten Unless You Have a Legit Medical Reason to Do So
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